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We work with and support a wide range of organisations to improve their performance through collaboration. Our aim is to improve the performance of the construction industry in Wales and add value through the promotion and sharing of best practices based on collaborative working and integrated teams. Our current programmes have been established in response to these aims.

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21st Century Schools

In October 2014, CEW were commissioned by the Welsh Government to support the delivery of the 21st Century Schools Programme, a partnership between Welsh Government and Local Government.

A Resilient Built Environment for Wales

The construction industry’s new build and refurbishment work must consider the need to adapt and mitigate for the impacts of climate change. CEW represents the built environment sector at the Climate Change Commission for Wales and continues to share best practice on design approaches seeking to create a resilient built environment.

Active Travel

Proper integrated infrastructure planning can promote active lifestyles and creates active, social places – if it is done right. So, we need to make sure engineers, designers, contractors and planners know all about the detail of active travel.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is increasingly becoming a standard and integral part of the construction process. The UK Government has mandated BIM level 2 on all its projects from 2016 and the Welsh Government has endorsed the approach following the launch of the Wales Construction Procurement Strategy in 2013.

Circular Economy

Constructing Excellence in Wales has been working to explore the opportunity for the built environment sector from circular economy. As the biggest consumer of raw materials the opportunity is significant, approximately £1 billion by 2035.

Construction and Demolition Waste

The construction and demolition sector is the largest producer of controlled waste in Wales (EAW Survey 2005) and has the greatest ecological footprint.

Construction Procurement

Constructing Excellence in Wales (CEW) believes that true value will only be delivered through collaborative working, integrated teamwork, strong client leadership and a commitment to people. This is why CEW have championed and will continue to champion these behaviours.

Demonstration Programme

The Welsh Demonstration Programme is an integral part of the UK Programme which was established in 1998 and has proven to be an excellent vehicle for the capture and dissemination of best practice knowledge in the built environment sector.

Enabling Zero Waste

Enabling Zero Waste (EZW) is a CEW initiative designed to work with the construction industry to provide practical, positive and active intervention via professional waste management solutions to assist in enabling zero waste.

Energy Performance Certificates & Mortgages

CEW are keen to investigate and demonstrate a link between energy efficiency, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and property value.

Exemplar Programme

The Exemplar process combines the core principles of Rethinking Construction and the Well-being of Future Generations Act

Green Compass

The Green Compass Scheme is applicable to any waste management organisation that processes construction, industrial, commercial or household waste; for example, at a transfer station, treatment facility or disposal site.

Improving Visibility

Improving the visibility of public sector construction programmes is a continual request from industry so that they can better plan their businesses and better meet the needs of their clients.

Industry Data

Welsh Government funds more than 50% of construction activity in Wales (Value Wales, 2009). This presents a huge opportunity for the collection of waste data.

Interventions and Innovation Delivery Group

CEW works with private and public sector clients and construction companies to overcome barriers to the use of recycled and secondary materials.

New Build Housing

The industry is already delivering innovative new low zero carbon housing across Wales and CEW remains committed to ensuring this innovation becomes embedded.

Research & Development

CEW frequently works with others to research areas of innovation within the low zero carbon construction sector. We’re keen to ensure that research remains practical and applicable to industry and represent Wales on a number of projects.


CEW is keen to see that the domestic retrofit and energy efficiency sectors in Wales continue to develop skills and work practices which complement Responsible Retrofit. We seek to promote best practice in retrofit works and continued learning from existing schemes to support an increased uptake in retrofitting energy efficiency measures.

Trade Waste Bring Sites

This programme element aims to encourage and increase the reuse and recycling of waste through establishing a network of Trade Waste Bring Sites (TWBS). This will increase access to reuse/recycling facilities and reduce mixed construction and demolition waste.

Waste Archive

Please visit the waste archive to find out more about our previous projects including Built Environment Sustainability Training, Design for Deconstruction (D4D), Industry Interventions and our work on Recycled Aggregates for Minor Schemes (RAMS)

Waste Management

Prevention and minimisation; Preparation for reuse; Recycling; CL:AIRE Code of Practice- Soils; Aggregates Quality Protocol, Site tools