Green Compass

The Green Compass Scheme is applicable to any waste management organisation that processes construction, industrial, commercial or household waste; for example, at a transfer station, treatment facility or disposal site.

Established in 2009 PAS402 and the Green Compass Scheme were developed by CEW to provide independent verification of the performance of waste management organisations. 

The scheme also provides validated waste data, increases material recovery/tonnes waste diverted from landfill, provides a mechanism for continual improvement within the waste industry, improves business efficiency and heightens customer confidence. 

Waste management organisations derive a direct benefit from achieving inspection to the scheme. Benefits reported from an independent evaluation include: 

  • Reduced operating costs as a result of performance improvement 
  • Improved profitability as a result of increasing levels of materials efficiency 
  • Improved operating and safety practices 
  • Improved quality of recyclate vital to the Circular Economy 
  • Increased levels of business as national procurement processes increasingly demand recognised sustainability credentials and verified performance 

    The Green Compass Scheme operates throughout the United Kingdom and is the only recognised pathway to attaining certification through a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) inspection process.  

    For more information please be directed to the Green Compass Scheme website.