Active Travel

Integrated, joined up, infrastructure planning can promote active lifestyles and creates active, social places – if it is done right. So, we need to make sure engineers, designers, contractors and planners know all about the detail of active travel.

Wales has led the way in active travel and its goals are firmly aligned with the objectives of the Wellbeing Future Generations Act. It’s critical then that construction organisations and their clients understand the importance of active travel and how to apply it to their work. That includes housing developers, builders of schools and hospitals and planners and policy makers seeking to regenerate our high streets.

That’s why CEWales is working with Just Ride the Bike and Phil Jones Associates to deliver training about active travel planning and design. Since late 2020 over 100 people from across the Welsh built environment supply chain have benefitted from the active travel training. Details of the next sessions will be confirmed soon. 

The infrastructure that we build now will serve generations to come. It is imperative that sustainable design is integrated from the outset. Infrastructure projects of all types – new schools, hospitals, colleges and transport hubs as well as high streets and business parks – present an excellent opportunity to meet health and wellbeing objectives, transforming our streets and communities and bringing people together. When projects are not designed and planned and built sustainably, an opportunity is missed.

Active Travel is the oil that lubricates our sustainable communities. It is our duty to get it right. Call us to find out how.