Kier working collaboratively with their supply chain to recognise Mental Health Week

Kier Construction and Whitehead Building Services arranged for Lloyd Ashley, LWLA Wellbeing to deliver a Mental Health talk to all the site team. The session opened up conversations around mental health, raising awarenes and breaking stigmas.

Construction work has a variety of pressures from tight contracts to long hours, time away from loved-ones and managing budgets, not to mention the rising costs of supplies. Additionally, within construction lies a "macho" culture which prevents many workers from seeking support and help when they may need it, putting further stress on their own mental health and wellbeing.

Kier is a company supporter of the Lighthouse Club

The Lighthouse Club is a charity that provides vital support to thousands of people working in the construction industry and their families - including advice on mental wellbeing.

It offers:

  • a 24/7, 365 days a year, confidential helpline (with a free translation service for 200 languages) - 0345 605 1956
  • a free confidential text support service - Text HARDHAT to 85258 
  • more than 350 local centres across the UK, where you can get face-to-face support

Who it's for

Anyone working in the construction industry, as well as their families, can access support through the Lighthouse Club.

It's available to anyone working for Kier as well as our wider supply chain and partners.

How the Lighthouse Club can help you

The Lighthouse Club offers:

    • Emergency financial aid to construction families in crisis
    • Advice on occupational health and mental wellbeing
  • Support on legal, tax and debt management matters