Interventions and Innovation Delivery Group

CEW works with private and public sector clients and construction companies to overcome barriers to the use of recycled and secondary materials.

The C&D Waste team are able to offer intermittent interventions, offered as informal support for construction sector businesses – providing referrals, problem solving, introductions to expert external support and assisting construction businesses to meet challenges and address difficulties which may not be tackled without knowledgeable support.

CEW’s interventions have historically been a reaction to requests from suppliers and contractors seeking support to address technical issues and overcome the obstacles preventing the wider use of recycled and secondary materials. By taking a more proactive role CEW will now use its networks to look at opportunities within contracts to address the potential for inclusion of “alternative” sources of materials at the design stage.

CEW is establishing as Innovation Delivery Group to give real opportunities for innovative technologies to be showcased on real projects. 

Our targets for this project are as follows:

Tonnes of secondary, recycyled and by-products diverted into use

240,000 tonnes

Year 1 Q3/Q4 60,000 tonnes

Year 2 90,000 tonnes

Year 3 90,000 tonnes

Cost savings £1,000,000

Throughout the lifetime of the programme

If you are experiencing difficulties in using recycled or secondary materials or would like further information then please call the team on 02920 493322.