Welcome to our September E Bulletin

Andrew Brown welcomes you to the September issue of the CEWales newsletter and says look around you for inspiration to deliver best practice

Before the summer holidays we argued that construction in Wales is making good, albeit steady progress. Despite UK national data pointing to a slump in construction output, our sense is that Wales is doing OK and we still punch above our weight. In June the CEW Awards highlighted superb examples of best practice and projects that point the way forward for creating a built environment fit for future generations. By the time you read this the G4C Awards will have taken place at the Senedd and shown once again that the future is bright. It sometimes is overlooked, but G4C means Generation for Change. Change is good, but hard to manage and it is always resisted. But if we are to continue to improve the business of construction then our industry must evolve and change – for the better.

It is hard though. There's probably been times recently you needed a lift – and if anyone of us needed inspiring right now about how we can make changes and build a better Wales then we just need to absorb what has been going on around us right now. If you can navigate through the hype and take an objective view, there are remarkable things occurring in the world right now.

In fact there are many things to be inspired by and learnt from in equal measure: Greta Thunberg fronting up to the world's politicians and media about environmental issues and climate change; the theatrical drama of Westminster; tensions in Wales about our infrastructure needs versus the desire to be a low carbon, sustainable world leader and then the ongoing technological drive such as electric cars, bikes, glasses that talk to us and even the world of BIM and blockchain improving what we do in construction.

As an old boss of mine used to say: "it is all eminently achievable." We can deliver best practice and build a Wales fit for future generations. And if you need some inspiration to maintain the momentum then check out the winners of the G4C Awards when it goes live on Friday. And, in the meantime, check out membership details for CEWales and share them.

We are doing great work, but to make sure we fulfil our commitment to you the industry, we need more members in order for CEWales to have a future. We have big ambitions to deliver real meaningful change in Welsh construction. Now, more than ever, CEWales has the potential to play a major role influencing how public and private sector work is procured and making sure that work adheres to best practice principles and is aligned to the goals and objectives of the Wellbeing Future Generations Act. To do that we need members and Milica makes the case again in our first story.

It is important to realise that CEWales is in the middle of lots of programmes going on right now. We support 21st Century Schools and we are working with them to help align the goals and objectives of the Wellbeing Future Generations (Act) Wales with construction. This is big stuff. Not just in terms of the £280 million allocated to Welsh schools but the wider work around the WFG Act. We are exploring conversations about sharing best practice with Transport for Wales, who are facing enormous challenges to decarbonise the rail network and deliver on the Cardiff Metro. We are influencing decisions across Wales in terms of design, procurement and delivery – but to continue doing so we need your membership support.

Meanwhile take a look below at some of the great things we are involved with – from G4C to the zero carbon homes planned by Sero. These are exciting times. Join us. Be part of the change programme.