South West Wales Best Practice Club welcomes a new chair - Karen Green

To introduce myself, I have had 20 years’ experience on the fringe of the construction industry, supporting frameworks of contractors to develop training programmes, apprenticeships, and Social Value.

From this background I joined CEWales to share information with my contractors, the help and information I received from this group has been invaluable, the connections I have made, and the lifelong friendships have been invaluable to me in the roles I have undertaken.

I cannot recommend the support you can get from CEWales highly enough, Milica Kitson previously, Cat Griffiths-Williams and Sue Selkirk who is the most supportive person I know.

CEWales advocates the principles of best practice in all areas of the construction industry .

By being a member of a best practise club  with CEWales we  believe that by working together, we can improve business processes and networking opportunities.

It is an honour and a privilege to be elected as Chair and to follow in the footsteps of Geoff Wildman, who has actively campaigned for the group for many years he has been my mentor and inspiration, thank you to the group for electing me, and to Michael Bool on agreeing to be Vice -Chair.

We will continue to challenge stereo typing and as a group support our members and actively look to recruit new people with new and vibrant ideas to join us, it is an opportunity to put your ideas and opinions out to the industry.

Companies are neither too large or too small to have a voice, we would like to know  about the challenges and the exceptional good work undertaken in our area.

There are some interesting times ahead.

Karen Green
Business Development Manager
Alpha Safety Training & Chair SWW Best Practice Club