Empowering Futures: The Construction Hub Academy's Response to Industry Challenges

In January 2024, Tata Steel announced a reduction of 2,800 jobs across the UK, primarily impacting its Port Talbot site.

At The Construction Hub Academy, our mission is to upskill individuals by providing best-in-class opportunities to enhance their skills within the construction industry in Wales.

We have recently supported numerous employees who were engaged in the Ffos-y-Fran restoration project, situated just outside Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales. The project closed at the end of 2023, involving coal extraction as part of its restoration process and providing employment opportunities for around 180 individuals.

Through our support, these individuals were enrolled in NVQ courses to advance towards obtaining a "CSCS blue card." This card certifies them as skilled workers, validating that they possess the necessary training and qualifications for their respective roles on construction sites.

Therefore, considering the potential risk of job loss for many staff at Tata Steel, we are actively seeking funding allocations to support employees in upskilling for future opportunities. This funding can be utilised for transitioning to new roles, enhancing job search capabilities, or obtaining nationally accredited training certificates.

Chris Rosser, Director at The Construction Hub Academy, commented “We are actively seeking to support those at risk of redundancy as we are well positioned to provide essential training and qualifications that pave the way for future employment opportunities.  There is still a shortage of construction skills in the south Wales region, and we would be delighted to support those who are seeking alternative paths to employment.”

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