Optimised Retrofit update

Decarbonisation of Welsh homes and improving their energy performance is well underway thanks to the Optimised Retrofit programme that CEWales is proud to be backing. Here’s the latest news

Decarbonising Welsh homes and making them energy efficient is an opportunity for Welsh businesses and tradespeople – it is an example of the building back better potential.

A core commitment of the Optimised Retrofit project is to enable Welsh businesses and tradespeople to play a part in delivering this project on the ground, as well as by enabling individuals and companies to upskill to enable entry and development within the growing decarbonisation and retrofit market.

The Optimised Retrofit project is already in full swing and its on the lookout for competent tradespeople and companies to join its decarbonisation team to help deliver improvements to homes across Wales. Look out for more information and news about events that CEWales is hoping to organise.

It’s an exciting project to be associated with and is making headlines too. The project has moved from the drawing board to delivering results, with the first surveys being conducted by the social housing teams as they begin to assess the pilot homes that will be retrofitted as part of the project.

Following a rapid period of development of the Whole Home Survey app by Sero, a first version of this cutting-edge digital tool has now been launched and is being put into action.  This follows more than 100 industry professionals having been trained in how to use the Whole Home Survey digital tool to enable them to begin assessing the pathway homes.

Pathways to Zero aligns with the Green Finance Institute’s work on creating a standard for Building Renovation Passports, digital tools containing a logbook of energy-efficiency works to date on a property and a roadmap of the next steps to net zero.

Following the completion of the Optimised Retrofit Pathways programme, the digital tools will be made available to Welsh social housing providers, academia, government, and subsequently private homeowners. This will enable the long-term delivery of a legacy of tools, skills, frameworks and an evidence base that will allow others to follow and enable the decarbonisation of Wales’ homes to quickly gain scale and pace.

Read our full feature in Business News Wales or LABM now.

If you can see the potential then go to the Optimised Retrofit web site. Right now they are actively looking for welsh businesses and tradespeople who are skilled in electrics, plumbing, gas safe, comms networking, ASHP, G3 and many more. If you are already in the industry or want to find out more, please register your interest and tell us a bit more about yourselves/your company here.