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The CEWales Clubs are making a comeback. Tony Norris, chair of the South East Best Practice Club explains why Clubs are so crucial to the rethinking construction movement and how to put the band back together

No, these are not the faces of Latham and Egan but it’s a good graphic to tell you that the CEWales Clubs want to:

  • re-unite the members; and
  • re-ignite our activities.


Since inception, the Clubs have been highly successful in demonstrating how the Latham/Egan collaboration agenda can be delivered and also in putting forward new ideas such as creating value in projects.

But things are different now.  It’s not just COVID19.  The market has hardened.  And so the job we face is much tougher.

However our members are never more enthused and excited than when they face a tough challenge.  In fact some might say that they actually thrive on adversity.


So, all of the Club chairs believe that it is a good time to pull together the committees, within the new CEWales structure, and lay down our respective plans for the future.   

Some suggestions for future activities have included:  

  • Well Being of the Future Generations Act – “this is how we do it”; building upon what others have done but looking at how we might “export” the knowledge that is currently a world first.
  • MIM WEPCo – what are the opportunities in the 3 regions and what skills will be needed in the delivery for both the public and the private sector.  Can we support a knowledge and skills Academy for delivering these projects?  [This is something that the Universities were interested in modelling as well – eg Dr Jon Gosling]
  • Value – is there a formula that is not calculated using simple metrics?  So whilst we have interaction with Max Munday on the value of construction to the wider economy, how can we persuade the wider economy of the broader value of a project than simply initial capital cost (this might go hand in hand with Well Being)
  • Pipeline – can we give foresight of projects regionally?  Which had real value
  • HOW2 keep your job – is there a simpler lesson for a huge number of people in the short term?

In addition to this we can discuss our overall approach of working with some of the CEWales “central” issues both in a contributory capacity and also by way of dissemination of information and ideas.

If you are up for some or all of that, please let me know by emailing 
As always with us, it’s about the action than the talk and so we want to do less better.

Looking forward to working with you again.

Tony Norris
Chair South East Best Practice Club