Everyone’s a Winner

Politicians, pundits, customers and end users as well as construction industry supply chain members of all types and sizes came together at the Senedd last week to celebrate the best of Welsh construction.

17th December 2015

Last week at the Senedd building, CEW held a reception celebrating the achievements of our award winners and some of the best engineering projects backed by CECA and ICE Wales. Jane Hutt AM, Minister for Finance & Government Business, hosted the event and it was marvellous to hear her applaud the whole industry for the commitment to best practice – what’s more she emphasised the importance of collaborative working and made the link between how teamwork and client engagement has had such a major impact on delivering community benefits across Wales. Construction is the great enabler for Welsh society. When we build things right – by talking to the people affected by the project, by sourcing local materials and labour, by focussing on minimising waste and maximizing recycling and by using innovative processes and great designs – Welsh construction can deliver facilities that add long term value to everyone in Wales.

We have to maintain our focus on the best practice values set out by Egan and Latham – even though they were conceived almost 20 years ago. The core principles we are pursuing as CEW remain as vital for the future of Welsh construction and Welsh people now, as they did in the late 1990s. That is why, the point made in the Daily Post a few weeks ago needs highlighting as well. Construction is about so much more than the stereotype imaged builder we see in the media. Our industry is populated by skilled tradesmen and women, professionals facing different challenges each day on site and in the office, no matter if the scheme is a high energy performance home, or new by-pass. What’s more, our industry represents not just a great opportunity for transforming the Welsh built environment it can provide a great and rewarding career path for Welsh people. It is why events like the Senedd need to be shouted about and it is why we need to make stronger links with schools to encourage students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to consider just what construction can do for them and their communities. It is also why we need all of our stakeholders to become involved with the 2016 CEW Awards programme – so look out for details in this edition of our newsletter!