DfMA Wales

Modern methods of construction and particularly Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) are the future for construction in Wales and the UK. It starts here

We are delighted to announce that Constructing Excellence in Wales has just launched a Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) section on its website. Link HERE. This is a rapidly emerging area of interest and we are keen to provide members and the industry with a hub of information and knowledge.  Horizon scanning will allow us to identify the strategic issues that will be important to us all and we want to gauge your thoughts and understanding as well as embrace your support and enthusiasm and hopefully capture more content for the website. 

The reason why we are looking at DfMA is that the Construction Playbook lays out best practices and sector reforms that will create a more effective construction industry and describes Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) as a route to transforming how we deliver public works projects. By providing alternatives to traditional delivery with significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, and quality, MMC has been set as the goal and defines ‘what we are seeking’, whilst DfMA is the process that describes ‘how it is done’. Developing DfMA into mainstream practice in Wales will make a major contribution to decarbonising construction, require different skills sets, retain jobs in Wales, contribute to the foundational economy and the WbFG Act and achieve our new housing targets.

If you haven’t done so already, please do fill out our DfMA survey HERE, as we are continuing to use this data to present the case for a DfMA strategy for Wales.