The Construction Hub Academy: Elevating Careers in Construction through Training, Apprenticeships, and Funding

The Construction Hub Academy, a training business in the construction sector, stands as one of the select few businesses in Wales accredited to provide City & Guilds Plant NVQs and Groundworks Level 2/3 Apprenticeships. Specialising in three key areas—Groundworks, Plant Operations, and Highways and Maintenance—the academy grants apprenticeships accredited by respected bodies like City & Guilds, SQA, and Pearson.

Apprenticeships prove to be mutually advantageous for both construction businesses and apprentices by providing a myriad of benefits. Firstly, all apprentices are engaged in full-time employment, ensuring a comprehensive immersion into the practical aspects of the construction industry. Furthermore, apprentices receive at least the minimum wage, with the potential for increased earnings as they progress in their training.

The apprenticeship journey is not just a job; it's a pathway to obtaining nationally recognized industry qualifications, enhancing the apprentice's professional profile. Through hands-on experience, apprentices not only earn but also cultivate a versatile skill set essential for launching a successful career in construction. Simultaneously, employers’ benefit by upskilling their workforce, expanding their team, and fortifying their succession plan. This symbiotic relationship fosters a dynamic and skilled workforce, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the construction sector.

If an apprenticeship isn't a viable option, funding avenues are accessible through various routes. These include the Personal Learning Account (PLA), ReAct+ funding, available to those who have encountered redundancy or unemployment within the last 12 months or are currently under notice of redundancy. Moreover, eligibility for funding through the CITB Levy scheme might also be considered.

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