CEWales E Bulletin June 2020

Now is the time for Welsh construction to speak with one voice to Welsh Government and all of its clients. CEWales Chief Executive, Milica Kitson, explains why and how CEWales is working with industry groups to do exactly that.

Welcome to the June newsletter. It’s two months since our last newsletter but because of the frequency of online events, the updates we have shared via Build UK we held back on swamping you with communication.

But we can’t wait any longer as the speed of events and decisions being made mean that right now we have to communicate concisely and efficiently so that we speak as one united construction industry to make sure we improve all of our business processes?

Why? Two reasons. Firstly, construction is not in a healthy condition in Wales. If it were a squad player for Wales RFU heading to the six nations it would not pass a fitness test. Welsh construction wasn’t in good shape before the COVID19 virus and it is not now. Second, if we are to gain more support from Welsh Government – and throughout lockdown the Government has backed industry 100% - we need to speak with one voice. Ken Skates MS Minister for Economy, Transport and North Wales and Lee Waters MS Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport want to see solutions, not problems and they want to see an industry that is open, honest, and collaborative.

In short, what Wales (all of it, not just central and local Government) needs is an industry that rolled up its sleeves to deliver field hospitals in record time. It wants that solution focused enabler to create what our society needs. It wants an industry that’s willing to review existing working practices and do what was necessary to deliver the field hospitals – leave egos to one side, forget any pre-conceptions, and focus on rethinking construction.

Our paper Building Back Wales and the WCFA 12-point plan for recovery is the starting point of a conversation. That conversation will move toward a firm plan. That plan will generate action. The action will lead to the creation of a new look industry that is fit to build and manage an environment for future generations. Our job is to ensure that all aspects of the industry work with us – engineers, housebuilders, SMEs, planners, designers, manufacturers, clients, specialists and architects and the banks and lawyers and insurers behind us all.

It starts now. Watch this space for more updates.