Are your vehicle movements killing people?

How safe are the movements of materials to and from your sites? The CLOCS initiative is saving lives across London and Manchester. Sign up to the event in Cardiff on 12th March to learn how CLOCS could make your vehicle movements safer

Construction site safety practices have improved but did you know that the industry still kills a lot of people, on and off our sites. CLOCS, the Construction Logistics and Communities Safety organisation is fighting to raise awareness and improve safety. 463 people were killed or seriously injured in collisions involving HGVs from all sectors on GB roads in 2016. 121 of those people died within 30 days of the collision.

CLOCS and CEWales are running an event on 12th March in Cardiff where you can hear from leading planners, construction clients, principal contractors and fleet operators who are already benefiting from implementing the CLOCS Standard (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) – working together to save lives, money, emissions and reputation.

Understand how implementing CLOCS can help to eliminate the risk of serious injury to pedestrians/cyclists, improve construction logistics, reduce complaints, and protect your organisation's reputation.

The problem: Collisions with HGVs, many of which are servicing our construction projects, contribute to the deaths and life changing injuries of over 500 pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists on our roads every year.

Did you know? This equates to 2 people every working day. That is 4 times more fatalities beyond the hoardings than within.

These preventable collisions are costing us all dearly – financially, socially and ethically. £2m per survivor pay-outs are funded by our insurance premiums, reputations are damaged with loss of earnings and trauma experienced by the casualty, driver, witnesses and families alike.

CLOCS is the solution: Many organisations across the UK are now specifying CLOCS through planning/procurement conditions and monitoring implementation. This positive action can help to win work, safeguards business reputation and demonstrates a commitment to CSR.

Simple actions involving CLOCS by planners, construction clients, principal contractors and fleet operators consistently reduce collisions by 47%, reduce complaints by 36% and consistently reduce costs too.

Thursday 12th March – 8.30-11.30am – Cardiff

8.30 Registration, refreshments and networking
9.00 Welcome and introductions – Derek Rees, CLOCS
9.10 Planning Authority – Alex Pocklington, Croydon
9.30 Client – Jane O'Leary, Vale of Glamorgan
9.50 Contractor – Willem Fourie, Sir Robert McAlpine
10.10 Fleet Operator – Adrian Wanford, Balfour Beatty
10.30 Open forum – questions, answers
11.00 Close and further networking

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