Making the Business Case for a Carbon Reduction Project

23 May
Thursday 23rd May 2013
9.30am – 4pm
Ramada Plaza, Wrexham


Financial appraisal involves identifying and evaluating the best projects in which to invest. Most projects require a formal submission for funding, and if the proposal is not clear or properly understood, it may be rejected. This free, interactive workshop will address the issues of how to carry out a financial appraisal of projects and successfully secure the funding needed to take them forward.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone involved in ‘making the case’ for capital funding in energy efficient projects. No prior knowledge of financial or accounting techniques is required and it’s suitable for all sectors.

Why Attend?
If your organisation currently gives low priority to energy efficiency, this workshop will give you the tools to help persuade them to invest in energy saving projects;
• Learn how to develop programmes of work, identify investment opportunities and encourage commitment to invest to save;
• Advice on how proposals should be structured and presented to management, ensuring they are professional and appropriate;
• Help you develop and defend your proposals and effectively communicate the true financial picture of the project;
• Look at various funding options, including moving to self-financing.

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