BIM Intermediate Level – Cardiff

27 Sep
Thursday 27th September 2012
8am registration / 8.30am start – 1pm finish with lunch
Future Inns Hotel, Cardiff Bay
£75 club members – £85 non club members

Download via Dropbox: Presentation
If you are experiencing problems accessing the presentation please do not hesitate to contact us a hard copy will be sent first class post.

As a result of the feedback from our recent programme of BIM learner events we will be running a follow on event building on the foundation and contextual understanding of the learner sessions. The learner sessions were extremely well received and hugely populated by both Clients and Suppliers. The feedback forms have specifically asked for this, as well as for the learner sessions to be re run to support colleagues of attendees. Quotes received from the first sessions: “Superb seminar, clear, fun and concise”, “Presentation was very precise and inspiring to listen to”, “Well run seminar giving good basic information, further seminars required”.

The BIM intermediate sessions expand the initial understanding from the learner session and explain the components of BIM, the practicalities of implementation of BIM, looking at some case studies in use, and using the challenges and experiences of others to assist you in assessing your own maturity, developing a BIM strategy for your business and making less risky investment decisions around BIM. 

Further more detailed technical sessions are being organised for the autumn and these will include full on case studies of complex parametric BIM model showcases, the nitty gritty of BIM file protocols, BIM execution planning in detail, and other BIM specific topics arising from feedback on the programme of events.

Presented and facilitated by Professor Andrew Thomas, one of the co-authors of the BIM report and strategy that support clients and suppliers on the challenges and opportunities of BIM implementation.

How to Book:  To reserve your place please reply to stating your full contact details and the names of all delegates wishing to attend. Substitution of delegates can be made at any time.

Non-attendance by any registered delegate will be charged in full unless you have informed us by Monday 24thSeptember 2012

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