Update from RC2 - May 22

Robert Chapman, Director at RC2 gives an update on what he has been doing over the last few weeks in particular the support he has given CEWales.

Three snippets from RC2

RC2 – Property & Regeneration Expert (rchapmanandco.com)

  1. CEW Net Zero award – as one of 3 judges, Robert was pleased to participate in the judging process for the CEW ‘‘Net Zero Award.’’
  1. AGP: As an expert coach on Welsh Government’s Accelerated Growth Programme, Robert was delighted to read about a recent evaluation exercise undertaken by Cardiff University which revealed significant outputs and outcomes. Here is a succinct summary of the headlines:
  • Participant businesses on AGP are 2.3 times more likely to survive than comparable businesses not assisted by AGP. 
  • Employment created to date over 11,430 jobs, over £400m of investment raised for client businesses and over £350m of exports.
  • For every £1 spent on AGP, generates £18 benefit to the wider Welsh economy.
  1. CCEN (Cardiff Circular Economy Network): Robert introduced CEW to the Cardiff Circular Economy Network and (himself) has signed up to the CCEN sessions over several weeks. He suggests that this is highly relevant to Construction activity.