Kier - Supply Chain Engagement Event

On Wednesday 2nd November 2022, Kier delivered their first Supply Chain engagement event focusing on Health & Safety. Kier Construction in Western & Wales recognises its responsibilities and strives to create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment and we believe that incidents are preventable.

This belief underpins our commitment to all that work with us and for us in support of our strategy, one of continuous improvement.  We are also of the belief that building solid relationships and forging long term partnerships with our supply-chain is fundamental to the delivery of a successful project. 

Strong relationships with our supply chain partners and sub-contractors are essential to the successful delivery of the projects that we build for our customers.

Steve Bass, Regional SHE Manager, Mark Wusthoff, Senior Contract Manager, Luke Brown, Pre-Construction Cost Manager and Harrison Barrett, Environmental Manager delivered the first Kier Supply Chain engagement event which was held at The Vale Resort in the Vale of Glamorgan.

This first session provided the opportunity to engage with our supply chain on matters such as.

•         Our workload and health & safety performance

•         Duties under CDM as a Principal contractor and as a contractor

•         RAMS, the legal duty

•         Supervision, who holds the responsibility for controlling works

Environmental controls were also discussed as well as promoting membership of the Supply Chain Sustainability School by Harrison Barrett. Luke Brown was on hand to provide an update on our Health & Well-being programme, something we hope our supply chain will join in with.

Kier Quarterly Health & Safety Awards were presented at the event.  Both Richard Kemble and Ian Williams Carpentry were well deserved winners of our overdue Spring and Summer quarterly SHE Awards.  Both organisations work closely with us and set the standard for others to follow.

This was a great opportunity to engage with all who attended as Kier believe that through true partnership we can ensure a safe and healthy working environment is maintained on projects we all work so hard to deliver for our clients, projects whose success our supply chain and sub-contractors are integral to now and in the future.

The event was well attended, well received, and was welcomed by everyone in the room.