Inspiring the next generation

Phil Bailey of BAM Construction explains how BAM continue to deliver during COVID-19.

Throughout the pandemic it has been more important than ever to ensure that we continue to be connected to the communities that border our projects.  Our aim has been to keep young people engaged and inspired, supporting the priorities of the Future Generations Act, despite the restrictions on schools visits. 

BAM have been working collaboratively with education partners, trialling a number of initiatives, linked to project social value delivery, across three key projects.  

'Gwent Police HQ supporting local college to build ‘real’ course content for online learning’

Following a virtual insight session with technical construction students, we invited course leaders to capture 360° footage, which was then used as part of an online training package for students.  Due to the pandemic the students were unable to complete physical site visits, so the content ensures that they have access to ‘real material’ from a local site to support their learning.

‘Construction activity day for key worker pupils at Ysgol Gyfun Is Coed’

It was important to the school that pupils continued to engage with the project.  To supplement learning for key worker pupils, who were continuing to attend school throughout lockdown, we provided a COVID-safe site perimeter walk and a fact-finding challenge, which focused on important aspects such as site safety, sustainability and technology.  The information collected was then used for a media project, with pupils encouraged to use a variety of channels, such as videos, podcasts and digital articles to share news on the progress of the build of their new school.

‘Delivering virtual work experience and careers sessions at the Centre for Student Life, Cardiff University’

Working with our partners from Careers Wales and Speakers for Schools, we provided virtual work experience and insight sessions, reaching over 1,000 students. BAM engaged with Year 9 pupils from St. Teilos School, to introduce them to the Centre for Student Life project and deliver workshops, which explored construction roles, skills and key facts about the complex build.  Our apprentices also joined us at a number of Careers Wales events, to share their journeys into the industry and offer useful tips and advice.

 “The last year has been hard for our students. We haven’t been able to make any of the usual site visits or carry out the practical exercises that we would normally do, and they are missing out on a crucial part of their learning experience. It was great to be able to visit the new Gwent Police HQ site and the photos and videos captured will give students experience of a live construction project. Hopefully, we can make a real visit to the site in the near future.”

Matthew Hillier, Technical Construction Course Leader, Coleg Gwent

“Young people are the lifeblood of our industry and as such we feel it is incredibly important to keep engaging with them during these difficult times. We are extremely proud to be involved with these organisations and to provide the support to allow these young people to continue their studies.”

Justin Price, Construction Director, BAM Construct UK