ICARUS is flying!

Maple Consulting are working alongside Deltares, Tecnalia, Ramboll and RDS on a CEDR funded project, ICARUS. Find out more here.

ICARUS is flying! - Improving the uptake of climate change adaptation in the decision making processes of road authorities, ICARUS is a project funded by Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) through the Call 2021 Climate Change Resilience.

How do you build and implement the business case for resilience via adaptation, balancing the service levels that the road network needs to achieve with the costs and benefits for enhancing resilience? The ICARUS project seeks to answer this – we believe that a better understanding and assessment of the balance between service levels, cost and benefits of measures is key for implementation of climate change resilience. Find out more about the ICARUS project, which is funded by Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR), here: icarus.project.cedr.eu/

As part of the ITEN Network, Martin has also worked with RDS on A Piarc Special Project which has just been published. You can find the item here: https://www.piarc.org/en/order-library?publication=39841&solo