Your move

Last week CEWales held its first members meeting for two years and there were some frank exchanges about direction and opportunities to drive change and step up and play a role. Do you want to get involved?

Over fifty people crowded into Blake Morgan’s offices last week (22nd March) in Cardiff to discuss the strategic direction of CEWales, its focus and its composition and how the movement needs more volunteers to become involved and drive change.

In the spirit of openness, transparency and collaboration there were many excellent ideas put forward on the day and online during the event and afterwards. Members and stakeholders (as the event was open to everyone) did exactly what we wanted and challenged our ideas and added extra suggestions - adding value and collaborating exactly in the spirit of the Constructing Excellence movement.

This is a crucial point to stress. CEWales is part of the wider CE movement. But it is a members organisation. We represent ideas, views and opinions right across the Welsh built environment supply chain from SMEs and materials providers to multi-disciplinary consultants and tier one contractors. Our members event was about re-focusing the movement for 2022 and 2023.

So, we listened and took the advice offered and re-worked our plans. The slides reflect the desire to broaden the scope of strategy and ensure key areas cut right across the principal areas of focus – particularly things such as diversity, inclusivity, decarbonisation, and value.

Let us know what you think please. Because we want all of you to become involved. You can find out how to become a member here and if you are a member then pass the link to colleagues and partners.

We need you all to step forward and help deliver against these ideas on the slides. Achieving the outcomes that we all desire is dependent on volunteers either chairing working groups or playing a role in these groups. Please put your name forward or suggest people to us. We still also need people to play a part on the management board and we have roles on the statutory board as well.

We are also re-invigorating CEWales’ young professional network – G4C Wales, with two new co-chairs and opportunities on the committee. You all work with great young people so please do make sure you encourage them to get involved!

CEWales is your movement. We need to move on from talk to action focused on outcomes. That will only happen with a team collaborating as one. It is your move now.