Woodbuild Wales 2018 - The offsite timber revolution

This will take place on Thursday 14th June 2018 from 9am - 5pm.

Offsite timber construction has the potential to substantially improve the efficiency of housing delivery in Wales. But will the shift from site-based building to factory-based manufacturing also improve the quality of outcome? If so, how? If not, what needs to change? In order to create more desirable outcomes, do we need to reconceive the delivery of housing in the way that Toyota re-thought the car?

This year, the Woodbuild Wales conference and expo, will draw inspiration from the manufacturing revolution led by Toyota with their transformative focus on skills, supply chain collaboration, and deep commitment to continuous improvement. Experts in both construction theory and practice will address the systemic and specific obstacles to, and opportunities for, delivering quality outcomes in offsite timber housing.

The morning sessions will shed light on some of the emerging metrics for quality and explore the role of building performance evaluation (BPE). The afternoon session will provide real-world responses from leading practitioners. As always with Woodknowledge Wales events, ample time is allocated for discussion and debate.

Ultimately, by creating forums for the exploration and sharing of knowledge and ideas, Woodknowledge Wales hopes to inspire new added-value collaborations in the timber supply chain from the client to the forest.

Target Audience

Woodbuild 2018 should appeal to RSLs, local authorities, private sector developers and other decision-makers involved in the conception and delivery of homes. The conference will also provide inspiration for anyone involved with offsite timber construction throughout the supply-chain from manufacturers to foresters.

The Expo will showcase organisations delivering products, services and systems focused on the delivery of high performance buildings.

For more information visit the Woodknowledge Wales website and to book your place visit Eventbrite.