What do you really think about creating a net zero built environment? Really?

CEWales has taken a firm stance on moving the construction industry towards net zero and if possible, further to actual zero carbon. But it’s complicated. What do you think? Take this survey and help us find out

Taking the decision to adopt a robust policy call on net zero, zero carbon and sustainability in construction is relatively easy to talk about, but harder to implement. After all, CEWales does not build or repair anything – we champion members interests, lobby, cajole, educate and inform. So what does the industry really think? What do you think?

We are backing the academic community and in particular one PhD student at Bath University to help find out the construction industry perspective on creating a net-zero built environment. We are inviting you and your colleagues and partners to take this online survey https://forms.office.com/r/ppTtHS6gPN to help with the investigation. It takes about 15-minutes. We need to collect as much insight as possible, so would be grateful if you could share through your network please.

Here is some text to explain the survey:

Industry Perspective on Creating a Net-Zero Built Environment

The following survey has been developed to assess the industry perspectives on the transition to a net-zero future. The survey is part of ongoing PhD research being conducted at the University of Bath. The research investigates the design of Net-Zero Carbon Buildings and the role of Life Cycle Assessment in the building design process. The survey is completely anonymous and will be used direct and support the PhD research. Taking your time to complete this survey is greatly appreciated. The survey is arranged in four (4) sections and has been designed to be completed in 10-15 minutes.

Link: https://forms.office.com/r/ppTtHS6gPN

Thank you.

If doing the survey provokes ideas or questions please get in touch.