What do we do about the M4?

The South East Wales Transport Commission (M4 Commission) which has just published a document setting out the approach it will adopt in preparing its recommendations to Welsh Ministers. What do you think should be done?

The M4.

It's an issue that is not going away and is significant because it represents not just a problem regarding getting into and out of Wales. It now captures the dilemma facing our industry: how do we work hard behind the scenes and in the public eye to provide the built environment Wales requires in a sustainable manner to guarantee a positive, healthy, vibrant economy that underpins the wellbeing for our future generations. One way or another, Wales needs better integrated transport infrastructure and it has to be built.

CEWales is supporting CECA Wales and its members at what is a critical time for anyone in the civil engineering business. It's worth noting what Ed Evans, Director, CECA Wales shared with his members following the confirmation of the M4 Commissions methodology, click on this link 

Ed told his members, "Whilst the problem that is being tackled here is focused on South East Wales it has relevance for transport and particularly roads policy across the whole of Wales as it is effectively revisiting a proposal which followed a process set out and complied with by the Welsh Government's Transport Division and which was supported at a Public Inquiry but was refused by the First Minister. This new approach, however, calls into question the process which has been followed to date and which could impact on future transportation projects. As an industry we need to understand what has changed, why and does this set a precedent for future projects."

To resolve the issue and move forward we all need to collaborate. Ed has asked his members for comment and we want to hear from CEWales stakeholders too. CEWales crosses all construction disciplines and includes clients and talks direct to local and central Government in Wales. If we can help move the debate forward positively then we will – but we need to hear your views.