What are we doing? How do we do that?

To people on the outside it is not always easy to see what CEWales is doing, so in the first of a series explaining the set up of the movement in Wales here’s a short piece outlining the role of the CE Wales management board

The CEWales management board are all volunteers giving their time and expertise to support, manage and develop CEWales’ activities.

The board members are an invaluable asset in enabling CEWales to deliver its aspirations. They apply their knowledge and intelligence of the Welsh construction sector to inform CEWales’ strategic philosophy. They are responsible for the delivery of the business plan and corporate objectives and strategic implementation. The management board makes decisions on what needs to be done to achieve its overall purpose and sets responsibilities to individual board members. Tasks are organised through work streams and board members skills are aligned to objectives as set out by the CEO. The management board reports back to the statutory board.

The board members have responsibility for directing, implementing and assigning responsibility for the outcomes of CEWales. The management board members discuss, debate, modify and implement CEWales’ strategic plan, as set out by the CEO. In essence they ensure the effective management of CEWales’ activities. Board members monitor the activities of CEWales to ensure they are in keeping with the founding principles, objectives and values but also identify schemes of work in line with current and emerging issues. In order to demonstrate value to its members and the movement, they also ensure that the CEWales members views are incorporated into action priorities.

Here’s a who’s who of the management board –

  • Chair - Paul Maliphant – Account Leader, Mott MacDonald

  • Mark Adams – Chair CEWales Advisory Panel
  • Lauren Clarke – Senior Interior Designer, Rio Architects & Co-Chair G4C Wales
  • Chris Davies – Director of Project Management, Caulmert & Chair North Wales Best Practice Club
  • Jonathan Edwards – Senior Project Manager, Aecom & Co-Chair G4C Wales
  • Vince Hanly – Commercial Services Lead, Powys County Council & Chair CEWales Procurement Group
  • Tony Norris – Partner, Geldards & Chair South East Wales Best Practice Club
  • Jane O’Leary – 21st Century Schools Programme Manager, Vale of Glamorgan Council
  • Andy Sutton - CoFounder/Design+Innovation Director, Sero
  • Geoff Wildman – Director, Wildman Associates & Chair South West Wales Best Practice Club
  • Chris Wynne – Managing Director, Wynne Constrution

In January we will join the dots further by explaining who is on the statutory board and its role.