Welcome from our CEO!

The holidays are here. But construction goes on. We need to remind politicians, influencers, the media and clients and their end users about the issues our sector continues to face and the importance of thinking ahead to be able to cope for increasing costs, labour shortages and the challenge of decarbonising industry.

It’s not easy out there on site or in the offices for the construction supply chain.

That’s why we need to pull together.

It might feel a long time ago, but in mid-June over 500 of our industry celebrated the CEW Awards. The big show piece of our CEWales year was a fantastic success. Not only was it a great evening, but it shone a light on superb projects, policies and organisations of different shapes and sizes – it was a showcase for best practice. It was proof that Welsh construction is amongst the best in the UK.

The CEW Awards are an assertion that what CEWales does – advocate reform, rethinking and the change agenda is a root for success. It means CEWales is worth joining, working with and developing further – to achieve more for the industry as a whole.

So, join us. This newsletter goes to our stakeholders, not just members. Our work is focussed on four pillars, each with sustainability at its heart:

Buildings – where we work, learn and play

Homes – where we live

Places and infrastructure – what we need around us

Mobility and travel – how we move around

Everyone of these shares cross-cutting themes – decarbonisation and net zero; waste and the circular economy; biodiversity and respect for the environment; innovation; digitalisation; people; health, safety and wellbeing; integration and collaboration and also procurement.

The four pillars now form four working groups within the CE Wales management board. That means these are the areas we will focus on to help drive the change we all want to see in the business of construction.

Join us and be part of that change.

Will you be a part of the movement for change? If you want to be at the heart of the action then email catherine.griffith-williams@cewales.org.uk with your expression of interest.

Over to you. Have a great summer.