We still need you!

CEWales is totally reliant on its members and membership is going up, but we need more of you to join up; more of you to persuade colleagues and partners and we need volunteers. Milica Kitson, CEO, explains what you can do and why

We are doing great work, and membership is improving. Momentum is with us, but to make sure we fulfil our commitment to you the industry, we need more members in order for CEWales to have a future. We have big ambitions to deliver real meaningful change in Welsh construction. CEWales has the potential to play a major role influencing how public and private sector work is procured and making sure that work adheres to best practice principles and is aligned to the goals and objectives of the Wellbeing Future Generations Act.

Too many people that support what we do still assume we are backed by a grant from the Welsh Government. That stopped in 2018. Now we are a membership funded organisation. What's more, we need income in the region of £80k - £100k pa to enable us to run the type of operation you have been used to. At the moment we are only halfway there. We have had lots of promises, but sadly, they have not materialised. We are planning several key things for the Autumn, but this will not happen without an increase in membership.

I am asking you to seriously consider becoming a member of CEWales, either as a company or as an individual. For those of you who are already members, we are asking you to promote us to your supply chain, your contacts.

If you want a united voice for Welsh Construction, this is the only place you will get that. We are the only organisation representing every part of the supply chain, and we are the only one that allows the public sector to mingle freely with the private.

The necessary paperwork is here: PLEASE SIGN UP TODAY. If you're interested and have questions about what we are aiming to do or want to step up as a volunteer, then call me. I hope to hear from you.