We need to talk

It’s time to talk. Get those frustrations out in the open and then get constructive about COVID19 and construction on 28th April at 9.30am.


No one is having an easy time during the COVID19 crisis, but construction is one of the worst affected. That is why CEWales is working with likeminded bodies such as CECA Wales to run a webinar next week to discuss the industry response to COVID19, the lessons learned and how we plan for the future. Because, as we all know, society will need the Welsh construction sector to build our way out of this situation with better schools, homes and infrastructure.

What has become clear is how isolating this whole period has been for so many construction companies, especially those in the SME and microbusiness categories, and how important regular contact and communications are. Isolation isn’t good for anyone! So, here’s an opportunity for you to join with others across the sector, via a webinar, to hear a broad range of views and observations from across the industry in Wales – and to throw in a few questions of your own.

We have contributors from the civils and building sector as well as clients, contractors and consultants, and those with experience of large businesses, SMEs and microbusinesses across Wales. Please join us if you want to get a feel for what’s happening across the industry, what support is out there and how we see the industry recovering from this crisis.

Our speakers include Jane O’Leary, 21st Century Schools Programme Manager, Vale of Glamorgan; Geoff Wildman, Director, Wildman Associates; Ed Evans, Director CECA Wales; Pierre Wassenaar, Director, Stride Treglown and is facilitated by Andy Sutton, Director, Sero Homes.

This Webinar will be run via Zoom, joining details will be sent once you have booked your place. You will need to register with Zoom beforehand – its free and easy (takes 2 mins or less). You are asked to log into the conference call 5mins before the scheduled start.

There is a lot to discuss. Very few economic sectors have been picked out as having a critical role in the response to the virus but at the same time been criticised for continuing to operate despite UK Government encouragement to do so. Site staff have been abused, social media and mainstream broadcaster and press rife with comment and debate. Business have gone bust. It’s little wonder there is a sense of isolation and confusion amongst the Welsh built environment supply chain. Please do log on to the meeting or send us questions in advance and join the conversation.

If you want to share your views in advance via social media go ahead and please tag CEWales in the conversation.