We are construction events!

As COVID restrictions ease we can begin planning more events to help share best practice and collaborate, network and pursue the values of CEWales together as a movement. Here we give a hint at what is happening

One of the big successes of CEWales has always been its events. Whether it is the launch of CEWales Club, a best practice or demonstration programme breakfast event or more recently some of our webinars and online conferences. What we do as a campaigning representative body sets the agenda for the Welsh construction industry and we provide a forum for debate and spotlight upon the urgent issues facing all of us.

So, in 2022 we want to reinvigorate our events programme.

Online works for many of our stakeholders and so we will not totally abandon the format. In fact, taking a leaf out of the workplace and fit-out sectors, we will be taking forward a hybrid approach. We want to run a series of sector focused events that will serve as ‘how do you win work in…’ formats, looking at key issues but also hearing what the customers and end users want in education, health, housing and commercial development as well as transport and infrastructure.

We will run a series of advice events – online and in person – looking at what you need to know in regard to tax, VAT, accounting, dispute resolution, contracts and procurement changes. You tell us the issue – we will find the expert to provide the best advice possible.

In March we will launch a ‘members event’ to make sure that you can hold the CEWales team to account and tell us exactly what you want us to do for you and debate our programme. We will publish details of the event – which we aim to be face to face, with a keynote speaker from a major customer and an opportunity for two-way feedback – all geared to drive our change agenda forward.

Where possible we will seek to obtain sponsorship for our events to keep the costs down and members will either be able to attend and participate for free, or at a cut price rate. Non CEWales members will be charged – which is another reason to become a member.

Look out for publicity online and via email and an update in the February newsletter.