The Social Partnership and Public Procurement (Wales) Act – Socially Responsible Procurement Duties

The first piece of Welsh-specific procurement legislation received Royal Assent on 24 May. The Act aims to enhance the well-being of the people of Wales by improving public services through social partnership working, promoting fair work and socially responsible public procurement.

On procurement, the Act places a statutory duty on certain public bodies to consider socially responsible public procurement, to set objectives in relation to well-being goals, and to publish a procurement strategy. It also includes a requirement for certain public bodies to carry out contract management duties on major construction contracts and outsourcing services contracts, to ensure socially responsible outcomes are pursued through supply chains.

The procurement duties are likely to commence in late 2024. This will allow sufficient time for collaboration on developing the necessary subordinate legislation, codes, and guidance, and for those public bodies subject to the duty to familiarise themselves with the requirements and make the arrangements required to comply with the Act. There are also links with the UK Procurement Bill, which is still under scrutiny.

To find out more please visit: Social Partnership and Public Procurement (Wales) Act | GOV.WALES.

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