Siderise launches technical deep dives to share its knowledge of passive fire protection and noise control

Siderise has launched its first edition of its new Technical Deep Dives, which marks the start of a series of free e-learning modules. They are designed to help construction professionals build the breadth and depth of their knowledge by getting to grips with key areas of passive fire protection and noise control in the built environment.

Edition 1 ‘Movement Matters’ explores the challenges imposed upon perimeter firestops resulting from curtain wall façade and building movement, and the consequential performance requirements for providing effective compartmentation. This includes examining the test standards to look out for when specifying these products.

With one set to be released bi-monthly, these Technical Deep Dives break down fundamental application issues in an easy-to-understand and visually engaging manner. They have been created to share the knowledge, experience and insights of the manufacturer’s Technical Experts who have worked on myriad projects all over the world, helping designers and contractors to understand how they can deliver best practice passive fire safety and noise control in its quest to achieve a greater collective wisdom across the industry.

Siderise Technical Deep Dives are designed to share the knowledge of its expert technical teams with construction professionals around the world. To view the educational content please visit