New CEO for CEWales as Milica Kitson steps aside

It won’t be an easy task, but Cat Griffith-Williams is stepping into the shoes of Milica Kitson as the first leader of CEWales retires from the post at the end of August

Constructing Excellence in Wales has confirmed that Catherine Griffith-Williams will be become its new Chief Executive Officer when she joins the organisation in September.

Cat is replacing Milica Kitson, who is stepping down. Cat was first approached to become CEO in the spring, but her appointment was delayed due to COVID19. She is the head of Wales for the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA).

Cat acts as National Executive Officer for SEC Group Wales/Cymru and has a strong communications background. She ran the Welsh office for Grayling, one of the UK’s communications agencies, where she was responsible for its overall strategy and oversaw public affairs, strategic partnerships and stakeholder relations liaising with Welsh Government, BT, and the European Commission.

“It has been no secret that have I wanted to retire, and that CEWales has been looking for a new CEO for some time. That process was interrupted because of the virus, but Cat is now the future. She has not just the experience and knowledge of the industry CEWales needs, but also the skills required to manage our stakeholders. It is going to be an exciting time for the industry, and I am pleased to be moving on at a time that feels right,” said Milica Kitson, CEO of CEWales.

Speaking on behalf of the board, Mike Edmonds, Paul Jennings, Susan Selkirk and Mark Davies, Andrew Brown said: “I am sure Cat won’t mind me saying that replacing Milica has not been easy. She has not just led CEWales, to many people Milica Kitson is CEWales and is the face of Welsh construction. Through some difficult times and some equally positive times, Milica has been a true visionary and leader – cajoling, educating, persuading, and influencing. Always moving Welsh construction forward. Thank you for everything.”

Milica Kitson will step down as CEO on 26th August and is currently working closely with other Welsh construction groups to engage the Government in re-setting Welsh construction to plan for the future. Both Cat Griffith-Williams and Milica will work together until the end of August.

Cat Griffith-Williams said: “Milica has worked tirelessly to represent the united voice of the Welsh build environment sector. I want to build on the tremendous legacy set by Milica and continue to highlight all the added value that Welsh construction provide. Our priority is to ensure we have the right measures in place to secure long-term survival and that the industry is in a fit state to continue to play this role.

“We are a part of an innovative and interesting sector, some say entering its ‘golden age’, which is central to Wales’ foundational economy, providing essential support for the well-being of all of us. I am delighted to be joining the team of CEWales and am passionate about working with industry stakeholders and Welsh Government to represent the construction sector in Wales.”