Net Zero for Education

Welsh Education Partnership Company (WEPCo) is now all set to begin work to help improve the educational buildings across Wales, Christian Stanbury, CEO WEPCo, explains

In September 2020, the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) was formally signed leading to the establishment of the Welsh Education Partnership Company (WEPCo). This long-term partnership and joint venture between the Development Bank of Wales and Meridiam will provide development services to Local Authorities and Further Education Institutions throughout Wales to improve the educational estate.

The development of schools and colleges throughout Wales by WEPCo amounts to additional investment over and above any planned capital expenditure by the Welsh Government providing a great opportunity to deliver long term benefits to the local economy and communities. As part of the programme there will be a strong focus on social value with an impact and outcome focused approach. In addition, WEPCo will be targeting the development of Net Zero Carbon projects to ensure this extensive programme minimises its impact on the environment.

The inaugural Strategic Partnering Board (SPB) is being held on 19th November which brings together representatives from all those Local Authorities and Further Education Institutes who have expressed an interest in taking advantage of WEPCo’s services. The SPB will oversee the WEPCo performance and provide a forum for sharing best practice on development and educational topics.

At the start of November WEPCo received its first formal New Project Request to develop an all through school in North Wales with the design work due to commence shortly. This represents a significant step and will undoubtedly provide a benchmark for the organisation. As a consequence WEPCo expects to reach out to establish its supply chain in the first quarter of the New Year. In addition WEPCo is anticipating further requests from Local Authorities and Colleges in the coming weeks and months ensuring that 2021 promises to be an exciting time for all of us across Wales.