Modern Collaborative Working

The Constructing Excellence Collaborative Working Champions under the leadership of Kevin Thomas, are currently producing a Top 10 of collaborative working – what to do and how to do it.

Number 1: Understanding the Need 
What is the purpose of the construction industry? Assuming of course you can actually separate construction from property and property from functional performance?  Is construction there to just satisfy the desires of the commissioning customer or perhaps the customers customers/stakeholders, or is it to provide the overarching infrastructure and facilities in which we all live, work and play? Is there actually any difference in these objectives and how do you make sure that optimal performance can be attained in achieving them? 

 The Collaborative Working Champions recommend the following behavioural changes:

  • Explain what is required and why
  • Involve other early enough for them to be able to make suggestions
  • Be open to alternatives
  • Accept challenge as a sign others are trying to do what is best for project
  • Learn how to question and challenge in a supportive way
  • Be sure you are clear why something is required – if not ask until you are
  • Be prepared to offer alternatives

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Number 2: What’s wrong with the traditional process?
So what is wrong with the traditional process?  We know fully effective teamwork is key, but are we doing it?  Are we achieving despite, not because of the process?  Are we seeking value through a flawed process? Does the blame game set us apart from other industries?  Doing the same thing differently is not the same as doing something different.   The collaborative working champions recommend a series of behavioural changes including taking a genuinely different approach, trialling and prototyping to improve products and interactions and establishing how best to collectively solve problems, before you find the problems to solve. 

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