Members Events

Are you a member of CEWales? Do you want to be? Do you want to play a part in the change agenda? Then sign up for our Members’ events on 8th and 10th May

We know that Constructing Excellence in Wales is the united voice of Welsh construction, representing every part of the supply chain. We are an independent, self-funding body campaigning to raise the industry’s profile, its role underpinning so many Welsh Government strategies and creating a Welsh Built Evironment fit for the future.

So, what? Why join? What will CEWales do for me? To build a Wales that is fit for future generations, construction needs an objective champion to speak with a single united voice for the whole supply chain. That is the role of CEWales. But how? That’s what we are asking at our membership events in Cardiff on 8th May and then in Llandudno on 10th May.

As members we want you to take an active part in what we do and these two events are your chance to give us feedback on what is working, what is not and what the priorities should be for CE Wales. So, if you want to influence CEWales then please come to our membership events in Cardiff and Llandudno on 8th and 10th May. Contact Sue Selkirk, for details.

To ensure the industry works as a team. To ensure Government and decision-makers across the country understand the value construction can deliver. To make the case for collaborative project delivery. To shift the focus away from short-term gain towards long-term good. To promote best value, progressive waste strategies, low carbon and community benefits. Play your part as a member of CEWales and have a voice within the integrated team.