Join our club: join CEWales

Welsh construction is changing and adapting so that it can shape our future, but to do it right it needs cajoling, educating, guiding and influencing to make the right choices. It also needs a united voice that speaks for it and liaises with Government. That’s why you should back CEWales.

Are you a member of CEWales?

If you the answer is yes, then we want to say thank you. Our request is that you talk to your colleagues, partners and supply chain and explain to them why CEWales is so important.

If you are not a member then we ask that you pause for a moment and consider why you receive this newsletter and maybe think hard about what benefit you derive from the information and best practice we share and the events we put on.

Right now, all of the CEWales stakeholders benefit from Constructing Excellence in Wales as we continue to be the united voice of Welsh construction. We represent all of the supply chain – from public sector clients to SME’s and materials manufacturers. We are an independent, objective, self-funded membership body campaigning to improve the business of construction and raise the industry’s profile, because it underpins the Welsh economy, is intrinsic to many Welsh Government strategies and is vital to creating a Welsh built environment fit for the future.

We cannot do this work without the ongoing support of our members. That’s why we are calling on people to join the movement, now.

The drive for transformation has never been more pertinent, with the Construction Playbook and Building Safety providing a renewed focus and new foundations for a catalyst for change and demonstrators of best practice. It’s why CEWales works closely with Welsh Government, Local Government through CLAW and works in partnership with the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner. By joining you can play a central role in the change agenda we CEWales is driving.

Why join? What are the core benefits of being a CE Wales member –

  1. Networking opportunities with a broad range of national and local stakeholders
  2. Well planned and scheduled events calendar
  3. Diverse range of guest speakers and groups
  4. Third party validation and production of Exemplar case stories
  5. The biggest and most respected construction awards in Wales

What do our members say about being a part of the business improvement family:

CEW is the only organisation that brings together all parties in the construction community in a non-partisan group that works to effect improvements that benefit all involved in or affected by construction. We all have something to contribute to improvement and if you aren't involved then you are missing out on real opportunities to both contribute and derive benefits from membership.

CEW is a great place to meet, discuss and celebrate our regional industry on national matters that can influence our project outcomes.

CEW’s strategy and portfolio align perfectly with our own business model and aspirations to be part of a smarter and more collaborative construction sector to drive change. CEW’s support for, and engagement with, these aims and objectives enables its members like us to adapt to industry change and deliver better value outcomes.

Now is the time to join the Constructing Excellence in Wales family.

We are the only organisation covering the length and breadth of our industry, incorporating all the sectors and the entire supply chain.  We represent our members at Welsh Government meetings;  CE Wales is at the centre of the Government housing improvement initiative, we are working across the supply chain to improve the procurement process and all of our work is geared towards a more sustainable, greener and low carbon industry creating a built environment that is world class and fit for future generations.

Join us now.

Thank you.