How do we get to Net Zero?

You need a map and a strong sense of direction to build towards net zero. Luckily the UKGBC has produced a net zero whole life roadmap. Find out more, here.

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) launched its ‘Net zero whole life carbon roadmap for the built environment’ at COP26 detailing the actions government and industry must take to achieve net-zero across the sector.  

The plan covers the construction, operation and demolition of buildings and infrastructure and was developed with input from 100 organisations. It quantifies specific year-on-year emission reductions across subsectors of the built environment, including emissions related to the consumption of imported construction products and materials, as well as domestic emissions.  

Recommendations include:
Nationwide retrofitting of existing homes.
Energy performance disclosure for non-domestic buildings.
Adoption of a ‘design for performance’ approach to new buildings.
Whole-life carbon measurements and agreed limits.
National infrastructure investment based on the net emissions impact.

UKGBC is one of several European green building councils developing national whole-life carbon roadmaps.