How to be a CEW Award winner

How do you become like a Morganstone, Kier, Wates or Siderise? How do you become a winner? Attend our drop in days, 26th January in Swansea, Cardiff will be held in February & North Wales date to be confirmed.

The winners of the CEW Awards stand apart from everyone else as the best of the best. In 2022 we had fifteen winners and seven highly commended awards, and each has a superior quality – just like the previous winners from former awards over the years.

Each of the winners display the core values of the Constructing Excellence movement. But even more than that, they match their vision, values and operational practices to the categories within the awards themselves. Yes, you must be the best to win. But like with the FIFA World Cup, or the Welsh Rugby Union team (and the Wales footballers returning from Qatar) you need to know how to organise your skills, how to demonstrate why you are different and why you are the best and most importantly, and how to win.

One of the best ways to do this is to learn from previous winners and review their case studies. Talk to them. Or better yet, talk to the organisers – save the dates and book a place at our CEW Awards drop-in sessions.

Advice on how to win is free.

Why not come along and ask the question; how do we become winners? Contact to book a place