How active travel aware are you?

Over 75 people have now been through CEWales active travel training, but we know that more people across the supply chain need to know more about how to embed active travel in projects in Wales. Sign up for training in September

To make sure construction professionals understand and implement active travel policy in their schemes CEWales is promoting training and guidance courses – 90-minutes per day over four days. scheduled for 21st, 23rd, 28th and 30th September. Right now we have six places remaining – book fast by emailing to register or visit

If we are to reduce carbon emissions and make a meaningful commitment to the fight against climate change we have to find ways of decarbonising every part of how we live – how we work, rest and play. One of the easiest things to do is use vehicles less. It’s easier than you think – because the majority of car journeys are less than a mile or two, often over in five minutes.

What’s the alternative – public transport, walking and cycling. Yes, it’s not going to straightforward, but with the right approach from design, planning, engineering professionals along with politicians and policy makers it can be done. What’ more the principle is enshrined in law – the Active Travel Act.

Every school development, new home, hospital or transport improvement has an impact on how we get around – hence the departments and clients leading these projects must talk to transport teams. It’s vital to think beyond the red line and make active travel at the heart of design, building, planning and asset management. That’s what is at the centre of the active travel training and guidance CEWales is delivering alongside Phil Jones Associates (PJA). Over 75 people have experienced CE Wales active travel training now – eight in the last few weeks with another 30 or so attending bespoke training this autumn.

One attendee, a new member of a council active travel policy team said: “I found the course very informative. I’m new to Active Travel, only being in post for the last month. The course covered everything I needed to know at an entry level, and Adrian Lord (of PJA) delivered the course at a pace I could follow without getting lost. And it has given me some good ideas to take forward.”

We are running another series of training and guidance sessions in September and have ten places available right now. To make sure you know how you can play a part in creating a healthier, more dynamic Wales that is going to enrich lives and create a net zero community call us or visit

We can also create bespoke courses for your teams, customers and supply chains – something we are doing for one consultancy and for a specific project team right now.

But whatever you do, please, think beyond the red line of the development your involved with.