Help spread good practice on climate resilience – case studies wanted!

Climate change poses the biggest threat to society, with solutions urgently needed and knowledge gained spread widely. The ICARUS project (Improving the uptake of Climate change Adaptation in the decision making processes of Road aUthoritieS) is looking to collect case studies on experience with vulnerability and resilience assessment, solutions developed for climate change adaptation and the implementation of adaptation strategies in practice. We will consider climate threats and hazards across climatic regions of Europe, solutions, processes and implementation. This will help build upon existing examples of good practice that exists in the community and it could offer a spotlight for innovate projects, products or technical solutions that have been undertaken.

To gain as full a picture as possible, whilst we are looking for successfully implemented adaptation strategies, we are also looking to understand cases in development, with full results unclear, or for cases that were unsuccessful or partially successful, to understand the lessons learnt and how to deploy successfully in future.

Case studies can be submitted using this Google form or by submitting as a word document obtainable from There are 9 questions, which we estimate will take around 30 minutes to complete. Once complete, the ICARUS team will review the text, check any clarifications required, format the text and send back for approval. The completed case studies will be placed on the ‘Case Studies’ section of the ICARUS website ( as individual blog posts, making them searchable by category. Once complete, the cases will be downloadable in .pdf form. 

We appreciate how busy people are, but hope you will be able to make time to help us and especially the wider community on climate change adaptation in this important endeavour.