Do you want to lead CEWales?

Milica Kitson is stepping down as the CEO of CEWales at Easter 2020 and the search is now on for a new leader to take the rethinking constriction values forward in Wales. Could it be you

CE Wales will need a new leader from Easter 2020 as Milica Kitson, the current Chief Executive retires.

She leaves delicate, but big shoes to fill. Which means the role represents a huge opportunity for career advancement for the right individual as well as a chance to deliver real, tangible change in Welsh construction.

One of the straplines for the national, UK, Constructing Excellence organisation is positive disruption. In Wales that activity starts with the CEO of CEWales – because it is the only industry body that can claim to represent the whole of the Welsh built environment. That means the leader of the organisation has a position that can positively influence change from Government Ministers and their Civil Servants, across the 44 public bodies and then to the private sector and the wider supply chain. CEWales talks to all of them – which means the CEO must network with them to champion, advocate and educate everyone about the principles of rethinking construction.

It's a challenging task, but with real rewards in terms of the achievements that are possible.

The CEWales board is right now actively recruiting for a new CEO. That person could be you. Or you might know someone that fits the role. If so, please contact us and we can share the job description and details. We have two routes to find a new CEO. Plan A is to talk to organisations across the Welsh built environment and arrange to second the right candidate for a period of time, perhaps 12-24 months. The job of CEO for CEWales is about passion. It has never been and will not be about the money. It is about value. The reason for considering secondment as an option is to take advantage, hopefully, of some industry support. For the right individual it offers a tremendous step up in their career path. Plan B is to recruit someone in the same manner as for any professional position – with the same conditions and requirements. Passion and a commitment to best practice.

What we want and what Welsh construction needs is someone with energy, a commitment to the values of Constructing Excellence, belief in rethinking construction principles and the ability to lead. Collaboration is key. The next CEO must be able to foster collaboration and view everyone as a potential business partner. We need someone with ambition to drive change in Wales, but we also need someone that is realistic about the issues facing Welsh construction. Fundamentally CEWales and Welsh construction needs a leader. Which means a thick skin. Leaders will be criticised. But you will be able to deal with that with the support of the CEWales board. We need someone that will do what is right and stand by the values of best practice.

Please do get in touch.