“Delivering Greater Value Infrastructure, Together” – what do we need to do to make it happen?

Each year the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) Wales, the Association of Consulting Engineers (ACE) Wales and the County Surveyors Society (CSS) Cymru representing Wales’ local authorities host their joint Annual Conference.

It’s always based on a specific theme which we capture in our post-Conference report – in 2022 it was “Delivering Greater Value Infrastructure, Together” and you can view the report here : https://bit.ly/3FzN0f8. It’s an interactive report which contains links to other sources such as the Construction Playbook. Just hover over the links in the report.

Last year’s conference was all about recognising the challenges that we’re all facing, as inflation continues to bite in to existing project budgets and global pressures create uncertainties, and encouraging construction clients to focus on value rather than lowest price. The emphasis was on working together across the client, consultant and contractor interface to deliver greater value.

The report sets out how value needs to be viewed in its broadest sense, and explores :

  • social value and how it could be better used to support more people into the sector;
  • carbon and how we need to measure it if we are to manage it better;
  • better and fairer risk management and how this could deliver greater cost effectiveness;
  • the value of digitisation in improving the effectiveness of our delivery;
  • the role of the Value Toolkit in better defining what we value;
  • the Construction Playbook and how it contains many of the answers that we’re searching for.

Given that the issues that led to last year’s conference are still as relevant as ever we have, collectively, decided to focus the 2023 Conference on the same theme of “Delivering Greater Value” but to use the collective skills and experiences of delegates to explore how the action plan from the 2022 report can be developed further and implemented across the sector. We’re joined by clients from across the construction sector from highways to rail and water to energy and so the workshop discussions cater for a range of views and scenarios.

Our next report will hopefully say that the industry has been transformed and everything we do is focused on “delivering greater value”. We live in hope!!