Construction by numbers

CEWales Director, Mark Davies, has been investigating the data underpinning the construction industry in Wales to help with better decision making

I've always had a keen interest in data analysis. Some would say an unhealthy interest, but I've always seen it as an essential part of leadership. Whether its business; sport or construction the first steps must be to gather and analyse the evidence. It is only then can informed decisions can be made.

I started to look at the data that's publically available on construction, with a focus on Wales – and there's a lot of it!! Not all are aligned and there are plenty of caveats and terminology variations, like others in the construction industry I'm not an economist and therefore making sense of the data was not easy. I wondered how the 'average person' in construction could possibly glean the relevant information to assist with their business decisions.

I decided to review the information and initially it was going to be a blog with the aim of producing some simple analysis, but it resulted in 'Construction by numbers'  – a document that hopefully helps CEWales members and others in the industry.

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