Connecting our sustainable communities

Active travel remains a central policy of Welsh Government. It is also a huge opportunity for the decision makers in Welsh built environment to add value and make a tangible difference to our communities. That’s why CEWales Is offering new active travel training – bespoke to Wales with CIHT accreditation

Wales has led the way in active travel and its goals are firmly aligned with the objectives of the Wellbeing Future Generations Act. But if we are to create sustainable communities and provide an environment that supports healthy lifestyles, and our physical and mental wellbeing, we need construction organisations and their clients to understand what good infrastructure design looks like so that walking and cycling becomes the natural choice for short journeys.

CEWales continues to work with Just Ride the Bike and Phil Jones Associates to deliver training around active travel planning and design. Over one hundred delegates from councils, consultancies and builders have undertaken the bespoke training covering rural and urban contexts applying the guidance to real live situations and sharing examples and solutions of best practice from the UK and overseas.

Our active travel learning focuses on design and planning and addresses specific Welsh scenarios including the 20-mph speed limits in built up areas being introduced from 2023 and planned changes to pavement parking.

If you are a highways contractor, a housing developer, involved in creating new infrastructure, homes, hospitals or schools your work will impacted by active travel planning and design. You need to know the best practice solutions that are proportionate to the context in which they are being applied and cognisant of wider considerations around placemaking, buildability and cost.

We are now running courses in [new dates for March 2023] with more dates in the autumn of 2023 to be announced. Training will be across two days, with six hours in total and accredited by the CIHT and is £400/person plus VAT. Courses are for a minimum of six people.

Anyone attending will gain a solid introduction to planning and design for walking and cycling and is suitable for professionals working in the fields of transport planning, transport policy, highway engineering and design, development planning, development management and road safety. Upon completion, participants will be able to plan a cycling and walking network and understand the key issues which underpin best practice planning and design. If you would like to book a place, click here or contact

If you want to find out more details, then email or or call 07795 547069.