The Commitments

Membership of Constructing Excellence in Wales is about more than networking. As the voice of the industry it is important that the CEWales board and its members adhere to the values the movement champions. That’s why we are introducing a defined set of commitments

Thank you for being a valued member of Constructing Excellence in Wales!

It is now time for renewal, so we very much hope you will continue your membership and demonstrate your support for CEWales. Your membership is crucial for the CE movement in Wales to continue.

But, if you’re receiving this newsletter you might not be a signed-up member of CEWales. Because the newsletter reaches all of our stakeholders. So, are you considering becoming a member?

We ask members to renew their commitment to Constructing Excellence in Wales by confirming membership for another 12, 24 or 36-months (we can discuss discounted options if you take out membership longer than 12 months).

But this time we are taking it a new level. To add value to the membership we are requesting that you agree to be measured against the values of CEWales.

This is a new membership model which will effectively help us show case all the companies in Wales who make a commitment to the values and objectives of CEWales. What’s more we value that commitment made by our members. But we believe it must mean something tangible. It must be clear to the rest of the industry, government, policy makers and potential clients that being part of the CEWales movement is not just words – it is actions.

Hence why we are asking members to sign a memorandum of understanding that puts clear water between words and deeds. This is not a legal obligation. It is not an accreditation, it is simply, a statement of intent. Our values, the principles of Constructing Excellence and its roots in Rethinking Construction have to be championed. We, and that means our board, our members and directors must stand up and be judged against what we sign up to.

You have a commitment from us that CEWales will always ensure that we represent you as the one voice speaking for the whole of the construction sector, right across the built environment – speaking to Welsh Government, sometimes central UK Government and working in partnership with the 22 local authorities via our close ties with CLAW. We will continue to communicate directly with you, our members, sharing ideas, best practice, deliver networking, sharing knowledge and change events – including the successful CEW Awards – collaborating, educating, informing, challenging, and rethinking construction.

We look forward to hearing from you to confirm membership. Call us on 029 2049 3322 or email