Climate Skills in the Construction Sector Members Response – G4C Wales

‘All hands on deck.’ (1) - ‘The issue of Climate change is complex and interlinked. Finding solutions and transitioning to a more regenerative world requires the combined voices of all sectors. This is an immense challenge that needs a pro-active approach to communicate openly, share ideas transparently and work in a trust-based environment.

Such mindsets can be adopted at pace within the construction sector where there is plenty of opportunity for integrated climate action and considerable responsibility to reduce emissions. Yet, 

change has been slow and highlighted a need for greater climate awareness with more efficient, multi-disciplinary collaboration across all stages of design and delivery.

But how? We are already at the stage where a target to reach net zero by 2050 requires the creation of ‘350,000 new roles in the construction industry’ and the need for the UK’s retrofit industry to grow by ten times.’[2]

With this in mind, G4C Wales set a shared goal of presenting a unified understanding of the construction sector climate skills. Through this, the hope is to not only to showcase a snippet of insight for the next generation to build upon but also challenge the industry and its key partners to quickly transition existing roles, create new focussed roles and bridge the climate skills shortage at pace.’ – Climate Skills in the Construction Sector Members Response