CEWales E Bulletin September 2020

COVID19 has brought mixed fortunes for the construction sector. Always first to feel pressure from changes to the economy the industry has responded brilliantly to the challenges it has faced during the pandemic and is now braced to build back better as we approach the autumn. Not every organisation has fared well, we have seen some companies close their doors – but we are seeing a lot of positivity and there is clear desire to improve the business of construction.

CEWales and its new CEO, Cat Griffith-Williams will be at the forefront of that movement.

As Cat stresses in the newsletter, the construction and built environment sector is key to the economic development of Wales and is one of the Welsh Governments priority sectors. Its complexity makes it unique, being a large and dynamic sector, it represents a diverse range of skills, consisting of companies of varying sizes. It is also one that is adapting and dealing with considerable change due to technological advances and changing building methods.

This makes Constructing Excellence in Wales a keystone to industry success.

CEWales is driving a sustainable vision for the future for what the sector can deliver through innovation and continuous improvement. We are delighted to be a conduit to feeding the sectors issues, views and presenting the sectoral opportunities to the Welsh Construction Ministerial Forum which represents the public and private sector, to implement a post Covid-19 recovery plan, enable a sustainable business environment and plan to allow the sector to ‘Build back better’. Further details of the Construction Forum can be found on the Business Wales website (English - https://businesswales.gov.wales/welsh-construction-forum Welsh - https://businesswales.gov.wales/cy/fforwm-adeiladu-cymru) The site will be updated over the coming weeks to include more CF related documents and information which will include updated pipeline documents.

That’s why we think it is right to do two things over the next ten days.

Plan how you are going to celebrate the 14th CEW Awards. Check the details in the newsletter or via the link here. But save the date and time: 1.30pm on 25th September.

Second, try and channel the energy and positivity of the CEW Awards and talk to friends, colleagues, partners and clients about CEW membership. Share the link:  CE Wales membership application