CEWales E Bulletin October 22

Is a week a long time in politics? The past few weeks, or 44 days in the case of Liz Truss have been a blur. What next? Whoever it is. Please. More stability!

We need calm, clear pipelines, commitment to spending, and most of all, leadership. Is Mark Drakeford to everyone’s taste maybe not – but he is a steady hand and Wales are setting a strong example to the rest of the UIK in key policy areas, especially its commitment to net zero.

Take a read of our ‘industry’ notes and you will see for yourself the areas where politicians can help our industry. And, please, do not hesitate to contact us with your own views. What would you do as a politician to help the Welsh built environment?

Unfortunately, we are, as I mentioned in the last newsletter, living in interesting times. Let us hope for a brighter future. In fact, let us take control and plan. In this newsletter we are looking forward to the CEW Awards in 2023; we have a gathering planned for Christmas and there is plenty to plan for elsewhere. The CEW Christmas lunch is open for bookings: - https://www.cewales.org.uk/events/cewales-christmas-networking-lunch/

You may be interested in joining Hugh James for their ‘Construction Law Update’ online seminar taking place on 27th October 8.30am, click here: https://www.cewales.org.uk/events/hugh-james-construction-law-update/. Then again, if you want to be able to shape our sustainable communities, take a look at our Active Travel training.

If you want to find out anything, have questions, want to sign up to an event or have an opinion or question – please call us or email. Thanks.