CEWales E Bulletin October 2021

With COP26 happening at the end of this month and beginning to dominate the media agenda we make no apology for a strong sustainability theme in this month’s newsletter.

Construction is looking hard at what it can do as a sector to decarbonise. That means challenging what we build, how we build it and examining closely where the materials come from so we can attempt to cut back the embedded carbon in the processes and materials we are reliant upon. We need to watch and learn from the projects sponsored by Welsh Government such as the Optimised Retrofit Programme and the IHP. We need to share the lessons learned from discussions about MMC and off-site construction. We need to embrace the benefits of digital technology onsite and in the offices of every organisation up and down the supply chain. We need to challenge our procurement processes. We need to consider the impact of our work on our neighbours, the communities we serve and the environment that we have a duty to respect, curate and maintain and in many case protect.

CEWales champions these values and objectives. We work closely with the Future Generation Commission. We are part of the 64-member consortium behind Optimised Retrofit lead by Sero. We work hand in glove with other industry bodies such as CECA, BESA, ICE Cymru, CLAW and the Federation of Master Builders and others to make sure our sector focuses on what we leave behind for future generations.

Much of this focus, almost all of the desire and vision is captured in the shortlisted entries for our fifteenth CEW Awards. But even looking at these marvellous examples of progress and best practice we can still do better. In fact we have to do better for the sake of the planet, not just Wales and local communities.

What we need to look for and pay attention to is less what is said at COP26, but more on what is said about COP26. Focus on the evidence-based claims made by those in the know and heed what they say and see how to apply it to construction. That’s what CEWales will be doing. And to gain the best knowledge and work as an integrated team to decarbonise our industry and build a better Wales the best thing you can do is join us – as the one voice speaking for the whole Welsh construction sector.

We are pleased to announce that the Future Generations Directory has been completed but there is still a lot more work to be done to help embed it as standard practice within project teams of all natures. CEWales are having conversations with CLAW, the FG Commissioner, TfW and NHS Shared Services about how we can ensure use throughout the construction sector. The Directory can be found HERE.